5 Small (But Easily Fixable) Mistakes Most People Make Working In Tech

Nick Conn
2 min readSep 4, 2022


Getting promoted oftentimes isn’t about being “the best.”

It’s actually far more about being reliable — and people being able to trust that you won’t make little mistakes.

For anyone working in tech, these are the 5 small (but easily fixable) mistakes most people make — and why, if you can avoid these, your career is going to accelerate exponentially:

Mistake #1: Asking Before Googling

It’s okay to ask questions. But easily accessible answers are on Google.

Most of the time on Page 1.

Mistake #2: Not Minimizing Distractions

When programming or banging away at the command line, you need full focus.

One slight distraction can derail progress for an hour.

Mistake #3: Having Too Many Meetings

This circles back to the mistake above. When you have too many meetings, it starts to be a distraction.

Limit your meetings or try out asynchronous meetings.

Mistake #4: Fighting Burnout

Tech is a high-paced industry. It is easy for people to be treated poorly, like robots. You must keep a balanced life to avoid burnout.

  • Take vacations
  • Use holidays
  • Don’t be afraid to use your time off

I also love morning/evening walks to get outside and clear the mind.

Mistake #5: Giving Up Learning New Things

With tech being a never ending science, you need to always be learning. There is always a new library, programming language, framework, and many other things to learn.

Never stop learning in your professional life OR your personal life.

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