New To Web3? Listen To This Podcast

Nick Conn
1 min readAug 29, 2022

There are a lot of podcasts on the subject of web3.

And honestly, I’ve tried listening to most of them.

But the one I keep coming back to, over and over again, is Web3 With A16Z by a16z, Sonal Chokshi, and Chris Dixon.

If you are new to web3, here’s why I would recommend blocking 1 hour per week to listen and study every episode:

Reason #1: A16Z is a Tech Giant

A16Z is one of the tech giants that are eating the world.

They are a top tech investor who is also diving in web3.

Reason #2: Web3 Trending Topics

The podcast involves trending topics surrounding web3.

You will be up to date on all the recent news, including top tier thoughts from crypto investors.

Reason #3: Deep Dive Research

Chris Dixon is one of the best researches, writers, and investors in crypto.

If you appreciate his blogs, you will love the podcast.

As a beginner, I promise — this is one of the most helpful resources on the Internet you can sink your teeth into to learn web3.



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