The Single Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned Working In Tech

Nick Conn
1 min readAug 27, 2022


Not all lessons are created equal.

Some lessons we learn are small. They are little reminders along the way of what truly matters.

Other lessons are giant. They fundamentally change the course of our entire lives.

Over the past 8 years working in tech, this is the single most important lesson I’ve learned about leveling up:

Always know your value

And here’s why:

There are 8.9 million net tech jobs in the US.

The tech industry is a highly competitive field. But don’t let that scare you away from being paid what you deserve. Tech companies make the biggest profits in the economy.

The secret?

Treat it like a business for yourself.

It’s a business for you, just as much as it is for them.

They are going to lowball you. Ask for $5,000 — $10,000 more than you want.

Looking for a raise? Your current employer is going to lowball you with only a 1%-2% raise. There is only one way around this.

You must get leverage to make more than that.

The leverage you need comes in the form of another job offer. This is the single easiest way to earn 15%-25% more per raise.

Throw your hat in the ring, try it out. Worst case, you get interview practice.

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